Welcome to Grass Hopper 3 website!

This website is built by a few “grass hoppers” of life, who have learned enough to be able to share some information with you!  Based on life experience, education, and sheer luck, we have found some amazing products and some horrible products.  Essentially, this is a product review site to help you make an informed decision.  As fans of Amazon Prime, you will see many of the products we review linked to Amazon.  You are welcome to make the purchase wherever you want, but many times the additional reviews and information on the Amazon page can further assist you with your decision!  If you are an Amazon Prime member- then you’ll appreciate the special shipping savings for Prime items.

We have tried many, many, many different products.  Considering the high number of products we have tried, this is an ongoing addition.  If you are interested in joining our OFFERS email, please feel free to join our email list (we don’t share your email with anyone).  We send out an email every other week to let you know there are updates on the website, and then “as available” for specials, coupons, or interesting sales we come across.  (It’s always nice to have a friend let you know about a special deal, right?)  If you have a product you want to recommend, send us a message through the contact us page and let us know.  If it’s something we find interesting, we’ll check it out and write a review.  If the product is your product that you are selling, please let us know when you contact us!

As with all product review sites, there are links all over the place that are “affiliate links”.  These links usually have the potential to provide us with a small percentage from the sale.  We use these funds to offset the costs of the website and our addiction to purchasing items (and then reviewing them).  Our links will NOT increase the cost to you, and whenever possible, we will do our best to seek out special deals to provide to you so you get the best price possible.  Thank you for your support!

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